WPIX Help Me Howard Recommends Landlord Tenant Attorney Adam Leitman Bailey
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Howard:  How you doing?  Fell Good Friday today at the Atlantic terminal.  We do not have the usual $1,100 cash allotment.  Because our station is sort of crusading against the MTA fare hikes we decided to do something different.  I have $1,100 worth of monthly metro cards and we are going to give these out to our great commuters here at the Brooklyn Atlantic terminal.  Quick question, what color is this jacket?  More on that at the end of the story.  Let's go.

Howard:  Monthly metro card
Commuter:  Thank you
Howard:  Courtesy of Channel 11, Feel Good Friday.
Commuter:  Thank you, can I ask you a question?
Howard:  Yes, you can ask me a question.
Commuter:  How can I find out about dealing with landlords …
Howard:  Landlords and tenants? Call attorney Adam Bailey.  Look him up on the internet.  Attorney Adam Bailey.  How do you like that Adam?  There's a free commercial for you.

Howard:  Alright, step right up here. Get your free metro card.  Monthly metro card.  One metro card, going fast.  And that's how it works!  If you have a problem you can send me an email to or you can call my hotline at 212-210-2490.  Don't forget about the blog, follow me on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook.  I'll see you on Monday.