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"Besides winning the case ... what really impressed me was their openness to letting me help out ......
Gene Bernstein, Cooperative Evicts Nuisance Tenant After Trial and Appeal
"He went in like a pitbull and you know just did a great job of negotiating a settlement for us and just...
Brian Owens, Entrepreneur and owner of Crave Ceviche restaurant struck by crane on March 15, 2008
“I hired Adam Leitman Bailey who stopped everything … it was a very large landlord … everything had...
Ken Brandman, Founding Partner of New York Commercial Real Estate Services (NYCRS)
"It worked out great. In fact, we were able to settle the case in my favor prior to going to court."
Alex Picken, Commercial Real Estate broker, Founder Picken Real Estate and Nightlife Brokerage
"Adam is highly, highly knowledgeable in all facets of Landlord-Tenant work. I would highly recommend...
Stu Miller, Property Manager of 400 Unit Apartment Complex in New York City
"Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. has been a great help to my business.... He has been completely top...
David Zahabian, Real Estate Developer and Owner, Multi-Family Dwellings
"We were able to get a significant number of repairs to some of the units who were in very bad shape and...
Daniel Derouchie, Board Member of Condominium, Leader of Tenant/Homeowner Association
"Adam gave me a lot of great advice about how the tone I should take and the course I should take and it...
Elizabeth Mehling, Landlord and owner of Single Room Occupancy (SRO) family building
"I've been working with Adam Bailey for over five years. I use him on every deal that I can. I highly...
James Famularo, Executive Vice President, Director of Commercial Sales, New York Commercial Real Estate Services (NYCRS)
"The first thing that he did was he led us to believe that we could win the case, where others had...
Victor Body-Lawson, Black Architect of the Year 2007, and Leader of Save Harlem Association
"I was able to continue our dream of opening another restaurant."
Dino Andreakos, Entrepreneur and owner of Crave Ceviche restaurant struck by crane on March 15, 2008
"I am very happy and pleased with the firm, there is not a specific thing that I can say is better than...
Anna Pastoressa, President, Cooperative Corporation on the Lower East Side
"Adam Bailey company is quick, response, high professionalism, solve problems in short time, clients...
Tatyana Yazerskaya, President of a 1,576 Unit Mitchell-Lama Cooperative
"Adam Leitman Bailey P.C. saved my life ..."
Denise Harrison, Property owner and winner of jury trial
"He helped me in any way anyone could ever help anyone."
Corrine Winter, Tenant represented pro bono by Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.
"My experience with Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. is nothing but the finest experience..."
Gary Levine, owner of Gary Electric and seller of building in Brooklyn
How We Met Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C., The Eviction Notice, Why We Hate Lawyers, Finding an “Excellent”...
Vera Wilson and Janet Mcloyd (Part 1), Commercial tenants and members of the Save Harlem Association
The Strategy and Why We Like Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C., The Court Hearing, The Rally
Vera Wilson and Janet Mcloyd (Part 2), Commercial tenants and members of the Save Harlem Association
The Victories, The Multi-Million Dollar Settlement, “Standing Up For What You Believe In"
Vera Wilson and Janet Mcloyd (Part 3), Commercial tenants and members of the Save Harlem Association
" ... that was the smoothest transaction I have had ... Simply put, he delivered results ... he treats...
Joe Sitt, First Vice President of Sales, Massey Knakal Realty Services
"It is a well run office .. They have all top notch people working here. I wouldn’t go anywhere else .....
James and Susan Conlon, Property Owners of Multi-Family and Commercial Dwelling
"I would recommend to anyone to contact Adam, especially in a tenant situation."
Pamela Capone, Tenant & Fashion Designer with noise complaint
"... We got the money judgment issued which was the best thing that could have happened ... they also...
Jamil Soriano, Landlord, Former member of New England Patriot Championship Team and Harvard Alumni
"Adam, his persistence and determination certainly didn’t stop."
Donald Grant, Commercial Tenant and member of the Save Harlem Association
"Adam Leitman Bailey reassured me of hope ... was really kind, a good listener ... thank you very much!"
Anitha Ragoonanansingh, Represented Pro Bono by Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.
"We believe in his work."
Alessandra Veronese
"Basically I wanted a certain amount and they got it"
Anonymous client John who received one of the largest buyouts in NYC history
"Having Adam Bailey on our side... brought us nothing but positive results"
Gennady Rothberg, Coop Board of Directors Secretary
"We are very satisfied as a Condo Board. The matter was handled seamlessly. There was very little work...
Keith Sirois, Condominium Board Member of a Newly Constructed Condominium
"Adam Leitman Bailey was really wonderful in helping to give us legal advice ... We have just completed...
Jessica Frantz, President of the Board of Managers for a Newly Constructed Condominium

"Adam Leitman Bailey's legal eagles kept costs down while delivering the results we needed to..."
Trevis Orr, The Board of Managers of the Williamsburg Mews Condominium
"A heartfelt 'Thank You' to you and your staff for all that you've done this past year."
Gatsby Enterprises, Residential and Commercial Property Owner
"Thank you for being our champion and making this happy ending possible."
Bev West and Jason Bergund, authors of "Please Don't Feed the Daisy"
"Adam is a NYC real estate attorney who without hesitation is the best attorney that I've ever..."
Michelle Sedlitz, real estate agent from one of the top three real estate agencies in New York
Adam Leitman Bailey used as a resource in Evan Farmer's book "Breaking In: The Formula for..."
Evan Farmer, Author of "Breaking In: The Formula for Success in Entertainment"
"Since 2008, Adam has taught the principles of landlord-tenant law to many real estate..."
Sal Gulino, Assistant Director of the NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate
"Our condo complex had a challenging case, and so we were very lucky to have Leni as our..."
Michele Israel, President of the Board of Managers of a Newly Constructed Condominium
"You are an intelligent and extremely talented attorney and displayed a sense of urgency with..."
Gerrie Birakowsky, President of the Board of Managers of a Newly Constructed Condominium
"If there was a top 100 for lawyers you be #1. Your work over the years speaks for itself!"
Robert Tuchman, author of "The 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live"
"I am writing to thank you for taking on one of the biggest real estate companies in the city..."
Ken Brandman, Founding Partner of New York Commercial Real Estate Services (NYCRS)
"I have had many attorneys and it is very satisfying to know that I am using the best. They..."
Real Estate and Hotel Owner and Developer in Manhattan, Queens and the Greater New York
"Whatever success the Department had could only have been achieved through the work and..."
Louis J. Lefkowitz, Attorney General of The State Of New York
"You made the purchase of my apartment, which I thought was an impossible situation, a..."
John Delgrosso, Esq., successfully sued for specific performance of a cooperative apartment
"Your prompt, tough negotiation rescued her from an uninhabitable apartment..."
Leonard Downie, Jr., Executive Editor, Washington Post
"My counsel during trouble times."
President of the Coop Board
"We had an adversary with a great case despite what seemed to me to be an uphill battle and a..."
Linda Tsang, Thank you letter after father's victory after 8 day trial
"Your attention to detail and absolute availability to questions and concerns made me feel..."
Evan Farmer, Home owner and host of the TLC channel's "While You Were Out", as well as the following films: Austin Powers 3: Goldmember and Shaft Returns
"Adam Leitman Bailey had done new construction sales for us here--he's awesome."
Manager, one of the largest residential brokerages in New York City
“I am pleased with the thorough manner in which Ms. Halpern is handling this case.”
Alan M. Rubin, Vice President of First American Title Insurance Company of New York
"I want to expressly thank you for all of your great work."
President, Board of Directors, Cooperative in NYC
"You accomplished in one day what our previous lawyer could not accomplish in two months."
Jessica & Hans Graffunder, Homeowner & Producer of HBO Series "Sopranos"
"The tenant moved out and gave us the keys. You the man!"
Edward Lowinger, Attorney, Company & Building Owner
"Adam is a pistol that will do almost anything to best represent his client."
Bernard Wincig, Law Firm Owner & Real Estate Attorney
"If I were to mention your law firm and describe it to anyone, I would identify it as the..."
Carmen Maria Rodriguez, daughter of Victor Rodriguez-Abreu, the person who informed President John F. Kennedy of nuclear missiles in Cuba, inciting the Cuban Missle Crisis