Making Sure the Closing Happens

By Adam Leitman Bailey

A contract had been signed. Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. received a call when, after finding “mouse droppings” during a visit to the apartment, the buyers would not close. Because our client was a celebrity, we immediately cut off all contact with the real estate brokers to avoid any unwanted publicity and, within an hour, hired an exterminator to head to the multi-million dollar Fifth Avenue premises. Not only did the exterminator not find any sign of rodents, but there was not even a mouse dropping to be seen; the exterminator issued a report that the apartment was rodent-free. This report was sent to the buyers’ attorney immediately and within days the closing was back on.

A month later, the closing was off again. We received a call from the buyers’ counsel who asked for his client’s deposit back. We told him our client was ready to litigate to the end of time before he would give back any money (which was true). After he spoke with his client, the closing was back on again.

Now we were worried about the buyer throwing the board interview by acting undesirable, but the interview went fine. Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. called a time of the essence closing and had a stenographer and videographer at the closing. The apartment closed and we were off to our next case.

Adam Leitman Bailey represented the seller in the potential litigation and Andrew Jorges attended the closing.

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