Fighting For and Advising On Sandy

By Adam Leitman Bailey

In October of 2012, the most destructive storm ever to invade New York City devastated many of Adam Leitman Bailey’s clients’ buildings— their homes, offices, stores, and restaurants— and changed New York City forever, presenting significant legal challenges.

Forgetting about our own comfort, under Adam Leitman Bailey’s leadership, we took action. Our regular offices being in a zone of the city without electricity, we set up temporary midtown offices, where we were called on to assist in the immediate emergencies. Besides bringing supplies to meetings, we counseled our clients on basic real estate survival skills. Understanding the danger flooding presented particularly in the form of mold and damage to electrical systems, we counseled our clients on short terms solutions for thousands of homes.

Not limiting our relief efforts to our own clientele, we assisted the entire City by publishing white papers instructing citizens on their legal rights.

We worked with the federal government to focus necessary aid to our clients. We dedicated pro bono attorneys to work full time, educating clients on gathering and preparing the necessary documents for collecting insurance money and obtaining government relief.

Obtaining the monies to rebuild became the next phase and we worked with the insurance companies, many times presenting case law to persuade the companies that our clients’ situations qualified under the policy.

Naturally, not every situation can be resolved through persuasion. Litigation sometimes ensued and Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. brought victory to the owner in the first Sandy related case between a building owner and a tenant restaurant.

Adam Leitman Bailey also worked with government officials to work on restoring not only our clients’ homes but their beaches.

Although many challenges remain, this City with millions of people within limited space rose to the challenge to overcome the loss of life as they knew it and to embrace the new post-Sandy world. Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. is proud to be one of the law firms at the center of the rebuilding process.

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