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Adam Leitman Bailey Teaches Important Life Lessons to the Students of Birch Family Services

People that look different are very special because when people are different, they’re special because they have things that we don’t have that they have extra special because they have qualities that no one else has. It’s kind of like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer because since Rudolph had a red nose and no one else had a red nose, Rudolph was super special. He helped us out a lot right, right? He missed his small, small apartment in the big, big city, so the boy ran into his apartment and hugged his parents knowing that in the entire world his home was the best place for him because that was where his family lived.

Wait so the boy decided to stay in a small, small apartment in the big big city but only a few years after where you are are now, I read a book because reading is so important. Reading was my, it was my escape and my guide for me to escape and become a lawyer, and once I read a book about a lawyer, and that hooked me and that’s the reason that I became a lawyer.

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