Unused Quote: Despite Substantial Documentation Showing a NYC Address, ALBPC Proves Tenant’s Primary Residence Is in Puerto Rico

By Adam Leitman Bailey

“This is one of those cases that makes you appreciate how difficult it is to be a housing court judge—Judge Stoller had to analyze almost every day of the tenant’s complicated life for two years and by doing so exposed a fraud demonstrating that Puerto Rico remained her home and primary residence as she had not only two homes and mortgages there but also exposed the alleged paramour as a subtenant who paid rent. The most problematic part of these cases is that New York’s tax payers had to pay for the defense as this tenant with two apartments in Manhattan and two homes in Puerto Rico has not only free legal services providing free counsel through trial and possible appeal but also a white-show law firm also provided pro bono counsel.”

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Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.