“The Result That We Got from Adam Leitman Bailey Actually….We Won.”

By William J. Geller

The legal problem that I had was… I was trying to get my deposit back in a real estate transaction. I had agreed to buy an apartment and I changed my mind and I was looking for a way out to get my money back. I choose Adam Leitman Bailey because I think there was another firm in New Jersey who specializes in what I wanted to do…so it was basically another firm in New Jersey or Adam Leitman Bailey and I interviewed both of them and I choose Adam Leitman Bailey. I worked with Bill Geller and basically we spoke about our particular case and the chances of winning obviously; what we would do to ensure that we did win. The result that we got from Adam Leitman Bailey actually….we won. Am I satisfied how Adam Leitman Bailey handled my matter? Yes, because we won.
Would you recommend Adam Leitman Bailey to other people who have legal problems? In all probability, yes. I am very familiar with the firm and what they do. I know that they are involved in many other facets of real estate so yes.

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