“A huge thank you to both you and Israel…”

By Colin E. Kaufman

Thanks, Colin. A huge thank you to both you and Israel from me and my family for all your help!



Bob, Jeanette & David,

Eric Felcher shared with me that the closing was, in fact, completed on Friday. I can’t tell you how happy for you I am. You can now get back to living your lives without the specter of someone else’s bullying and interference looming over you.

As a litigator, I always like working myself out of a job by getting a client to the point where he or she is no longer enmeshed in the toils of litigation. It has been a professional and personal pleasure to represent you. Should you need other legal assistance, please keep me and my firm in mind.

Congratulations once again.


Adam Leitman Bailey PC - New York Real Estate Attorneys