“He Had a Game Plan…And He Made Me Feel Comfortable in Trusting His Judgement and His Actions.”

By Massimo F. D'Angelo

We had a difficult issue with our tenant. My original attorney was handling the situation, but unfortunately he didn’t feel that he knew well enough of the situation and referred me to Massimo because he thought we would be the better person to handle the task.

So Massimo sent an email to the tenant addressing the situation and fortunately the situation was resolved where it did not need to go to civil court to get handled.

It was a very smooth result and everything turned out exactly the way I needed it to be and there was very little fighting involved.

I was very happy with how Massimo handled the situation. He had a game plan and was very assertive in the situation and he made me feel comfortable in trusting his judgement and his actions.

He was very professional and assertive when dealing with the opponent and he was never too busy to take one of my calls.

Massimo is a great attorney, he’s been extremely attentive and I’d recommend him to anyone.

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