“I went from having no hope to coming here and knowing, we got this”

By Massimo F. D'Angelo

My building was purchased about a year or so ago, year and a half ago and the new landlords, all of whom I don’t even know, it’s an LLC some mystery LLC, they started not cashing my rent checks. I sent it in, they’d be like we didn’t get it, then I would send another one and they would cash that. Then they would cash it for a couple of months and they would stop again unless I sent it certified mail. But then even at that point, they stopped entirely, month after month after month, and then they basically said, “you haven’t paid us, so we’re going to start eviction proceedings towards you.”

Jamie and Massimo

I was actually referred through my cousin who is a lawyer himself.

It was great. I was just so nervous about the whole thing. I’ve lived in the apartment my entire life. I grew up there, I was born there its been my home my whole life. Just the thought of losing it over what I guess was just harassment, that was just, I was getting an hour or two of sleep a night for months just worrying about what’s going to happen next and they just put me at complete ease here. I went from feeling like there was no hope to basically just winning. It was very reassuring. They took really good care of me here.

Beyond listening to me, looking at the facts, Jamie started the process taking all of the information down, going over strategy with me. Massimo was the one that went to court with me. He was super on the ball there, he seemed like he knew everyone. He was telling me don’t talk to this person, don’t talk to that, basically advising me to steer clear of certain potential landmines or pitfalls, especially involving the landlord. He went in front of the judge and I didn’t even have to say anything. I thought I was going to have to, but nope. My part in it was very minimal which is good too. Even if the case facts are on your side there’s still that degree of nervousness. It was smooth and streamline the whole process, and that’s exactly what I needed. Having that reassuring sense of “we got this taken care of, we got you!”

I like the bargaining between lawyers before like lets try and work this out before we see the judge. I thought that part of the process was pretty interesting. Then when they started to try to buy me out, they made buy out offers. I think the other lawyer tripped up a bit, and Massimo caught what the guy was saying and said, “Oh they’re going to try to buy you out now, so it was just a fishing expedition this whole time. The whole not cashing your checks was just a way to try to force you out before they started the buyouts. They just overplayed their hands.” He was the one that really picked up on that.

Absolutely. I went from feeling like there was no hope, like oh boy all of the stars are lining against me, I’m going to be homeless, and I went from that to coming in here and being like oh boy, I think we got this. I have hope again, this is going to get resolved, and get resolved in a positive fashion. They went in, knew what they were doing, and got a good result for me. In the end that’s all you can ever hope for, just knowing that someone’s got your back.

Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.