“I’ve Grown as a Person by Working Amongst the Professionals in This Office.”

A: My name is Olga Ioukliaevdkikh and I am a senior at Manhattan Hunter Science High School.

Q: Who do you work with at ALBPC? 

A: I work with [redacted] and we work under Rosemary Luizzo Mohamed

Q: What kind of tasks do you have as an intern?

A: We work in the transactional and billing department, so I draft invoices and letters to borrowers and I file UCCs and UCC-3s and other required documents. And I help to prepare documents for closings that Rosemary does and I help to file files after they are closed. And I maintain the order of the new files and soon to be closed files and the closed files in the office.

Q: How have you grown as a professional while being here at ALBPC?

A: I have been growing as a person by working amongst the professionals in this office. Working at ALBPC has inspired me to do – well, it has really showed me what it is like to work for a successful business. It has made me stride for the future to work in a professional and successful business.

Q: Would you recommend this internship at ALBPC to other students?

A: Yes, I would recommend this internship to other students because I feel like you learn a lot by working here. It’s nice – like – talking to Adam and –like – learning how a law firm and a successful law firm works in the city.

Q: Were you able to work with Adam Leitman Bailey Directly?

A: I am able to communicate with him around the office. Like, if he sees me, he is always like: Come and reach out, and that’s very nice, being able to talk to him whenever.

Q: Is there anything else about ALBPC you would like to add?

A: Just like everyone here is so nice and they take time out of their busy schedule to make sure you feel warm and welcome around the office.

Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.