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“Great team here – very professional, strategic, and efficient. A great outcome…highly recommend!”

Hi, my name is Robert Aldridge. I live in Upper West Side, West Harlem in New York City. I had a brand new condo building that was built in 2007 by the Sponsor and GC located in Upper West Side, West Harlem. It was involved around the deficiencies of the building which had major water penetration from the roof and from the exterior in areas. That was the crux of the complaint but obviously there were other issues as well.

So I met with Adam and we stuck it out for the last four or five years and he did a great job. He had some of his colleagues help weigh in as well. Obviously the big issue was the roof and we actually made some case law with this issue because we were able to bring in the individuals that were on the sponsors along with the sponsors and the GC because they did work after the fact and this was the argue to the courts with this and they won.

We got the randage reports, we proved that there were damages, we did inspections, we got the grand recording done very well. We presented that to the courts and with the help of the courts we were able to get everybody to the table for a settlement conference. Once we got to the settlement conference with all of the insurance companies, sponsors and GCs, and everything, with the help of the court they were at, they were able to get to a settlement out of everybody. It was a very good settlement for this stage of the litigation which was pre trial and they covered all of our legal costs and we were able to repair the building back to what should have been delivered from day one.

I would absolutely recommend Adam Leitman Bailey. Great team here, very professional, kept us up to date, very strategic in what we have achieved and very efficient and they know what needs to be done and how to go about it and they worked with the courts and we got a great outcome. I would highly recommend.

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