X.N. Marketing Intern Testimonial

Hi, my name is Xhila Nano, I just graduated Baruch College. I started at ALB PC as a marketing intern and now I am a full time marketing employee.

Q: What are your goals career wise?

A: I hope to gain about three years of experience in marketing, working professional experience in marketing. And then pursue a masters of marketing, and eventually possibly get a Ph.D. in marketing so I can be a public professor.

Q: Did you get the experience you wanted out of this internship at ALB PC?

A: I got more than I basically wanted at ALB PC. I had amazing supervisor, [redacted], and she gave me the best training I could ever ask for. I learned so much about digital marketing, I just gotten to do so much interning here. I am very happy about that because I know it’ll help me in my future goals.

Q: That sounds great. What was your role at ALB PC?

A: I started as a marketing intern and I was the only marketing intern here at first. So I would just help the head of marketing, kind of like assistant and completing part of our newsletter, and content management, putting things up on the website, creating PDF files, taking photos of the company, uploading that to ALB PC website. And just anything that a head of marketing would be need a second person to kind of assist her. And I started to handle some of the articles, the case studies that the lawyers would write and then make sure that I put them on the company website and then do the appropriate HTML and tagging. And for the newsletter I would just go on the spreadsheet that we have established and make sure that anything that we would need for the summer newsletter or the winter newsletter I would print it out and have it ready for Nicole so that she can gather all the resources together and print it out for the newsletter.

I helped out a few times in making packages and I guess you can say press kits for certain clients. I did a lot of research on social media and social media analytics and statistics. And working with Nicole having her give me guidance about the research I should do and what I should be posting and then handling social media on my own definitely helped the company and getting more reviews and had better statistics than when we first started. Managing the social media counts.

Q: How did the firm help you prepare for all these things you were working on?

A: It helped me prepare for basically everything. Like I said, before the head of marketing here Nicole trained me on everything, she told me that I am free to ask her questions whenever and I just felt very comfortable when I didn’t understand something to just go to her and she had the patience to explain it to me and I had guidance throughout the whole time that I was here. I wasn’t thrown into something and had to figure it out on my own. I feel very lucky for that.

Q: Which tasks did you enjoy the most?

A: I definitely enjoyed anything that had to do with research and kind of managing things.

Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.